Investment guide

Diamond experts investment offer several ways of investing in diamonds depending on investor preferences, budget and exit timescales. Outright diamond ownership offers full flexibility and control by the investor and clients can take delivery and full ownership.


Diamonds for investment

We select the best diamonds for our investors. They are then sent to be certified and sealed by GIA or HRD. Then storage at our offices and ready to be shipped to our investors by a special secure curriers.


The Choice Is Yours

We are providing you a large choices of investments with different packages and options. Our experts will provide you the full information before you made any decision or purchasing. We work with clients to understand their short, mid and long term investment requirements and can recommend various acquisition and disposal models to suit timescales and budgets.



We suggest to our clients the peace of mind that comes with the physical ownership of their diamonds. We provide this along with delivery and advice on the eventual sale of the diamonds.


Exit strategy

At the correct time, we then assess a number of options to obtain the best return for you on the sale of your diamond.


We sell back to the wholesale market and investors benefit from the capital growth over the investment term. We have gone back to 2003 looking at the increase in wholesale prices over the years in the types of diamonds we are acquiring. The smallest appreciation per annum has been 15% and the largest 233% (source: PDH wholesale suppliers-2003 to 2012 from a sample of 72 diamonds).


Once out of the ground, the rough stones moved through the so-called diamond pipeline—a value chain that runs from dealers to diamond cutters and polishers to jewellery manufacturers to retail stores and finally to consumers. The value-added along the way is impressive, as $15 billion in rough diamonds becomes $24 billion in polished diamonds, which in turn goes into diamond jewellery with a resulting retail value of $71 billion (source: Bain and Company Report: The Global Diamond Industry). This makes the average high street mark up from polished diamond (wholesale) to over 195%. This is an average; a top High Street jeweller will have a mark up of around 280%.